Almost Harley Quinn Resin Premium Skateboard Complete,7.75FU,Black

7.75″x 31.2″
WB: 13.88″
52MM 100A Wheels


The Virtually Harley Quinn Resin 7.seventy five” Entire Skateboard comes from the Top class Resin Entire Collection a collaboration by means of Virtually Skateboards and DC Comics to convey the superheros immediately out of the DC comics and onto your skateboard. What does this imply? neatly huge superhero measurement methods at the moment are imaginable!

The deck building in this Virtually Entire is most sensible degree the usage of a unmarried press deck.Such a lot corporations press 5 decks at a time leaving moderate model is each and every form and really feel. Virtually skateboards presses each and every deck singularly within the mould so you’ll depend at the precise very best concave and really feel precisely because it used to be intended to be. Virtually makes use of most effective epoxy based totally resins so each and every ply creates a much better bond for a similar weight. This implies you get a rock cast board so we can come up with extra pop and closing so much longer.

7.seventy five”x 31.2″
WB: 13.88″
52MM 100A Wheels
7.seventy five”x 31.2″
WB: 13.88″
52MM 100A Wheels
Harley Quinn Photo
Fall 2018

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