Powell Peralta Tail Bone White, 8″

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Skate one has been a manufacturer & distributor of high performance skateboarding Equipment and clothing since 1976
Designed by professional skaters. Made in the U.S.A
All skate one Corporation products come with a warranty


Such a lot skate one corp. Merchandise are made in the united states at our personal manufacturing facility in Santa Barbara, CA. With over 35 years of enjoy, we use our awesome applied sciences, high quality fabrics and confirmed processes, to construct the easiest skateboard Merchandise on the earth. Our manufacturers include Powell-Peralta Skateboards, Bones wheels, Bones bearings, those wheels, positiv Skateboards, mini-emblem Skateboards, hoopla Skateboards, house vehicles and golden dragon Skateboards.
Skate one has been a producer & distributor of top efficiency skateboarding Apparatus and apparel given that 1976
Designed by means of skilled skaters. Made in the united statesA
All skate one Company Merchandise include a guaranty

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