Schmitt Stix Skateboards Douglas Beer Label Deck

Made in the USA
9.875″x31″ (WxL)
Wheelbase: 15″


Schmitt Stix a logo with mythical forums and vintage riders. The forums vary from the vintage Joe Lopes BBQ to the extra brand new Steve Douglas Beer Label board. A few forums include the unique taste flat nostril and coffee concave, even as others are extra brand new with kick within the nostril and tail, and brand new concave. This offers you choices in opting for your subsequent Schmitt stix board whether or not or not it’s a board for the park with a photograph you liked whilst you have been a child or a reissue board that may be simply as you keep in mind that from whilst you have been a child.
Made in the us
9.875″x31″ (WxL)
Wheelbase: 15″

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